Shillong Teer Result Today 2022- Target Number, Common Number, Result List, Previous Result 17/01/2022

Here you will get to know about Shillong Teer Result Today 2022, Target Number, Common Number, Result List, Previous Result, shillong teer common number and some basic information about the game like What is Shillong game, how to select the right Shillong teer number, and many other useful things.

We are publishing this article to increase your chances of picking the right number in Shillong Teer game. if you are interested in making money through this game then this article is a gem for you.

Shillong Teer Result Today 2022 (17/01/2022)

Shillong teer lottery game is played from Monday to Saturday every week where 2 rounds are conducted and the results of 1st & second round are announced at 4 PM and 5 PM respectively. After seeing good potential in the game, govt. of Meghalaya has legalized this game by the name “Teer of Shillong”.

You can bookmark our website to get daily updates about Shillong Teer number result because we update the fresh results every day.

Government of Meghalaya always declare meghalaya shillong teer result round wise First Round teer result will be declare at 3.30 pm and Second Round shillong teer result will declare at 4.40 pm. These timings are exact and every time they declare teer results on these timings.

Shillong Teer Result Today 2022
Shillong Teer Result Today 2022

Apart from this, we also share the Shillong Teer previous result list for players who can analyze previous results for better forecasting of the upcoming Shillong Teer number.

Usually, Shillong teer players are more interested in previous results because this data helps them in the selection of the right teer number by doing a deep analysis based on previous results and applying some arithmetical formulas.

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What is Shillong Teer Game?

Lottery NameMeghalaya State Lottery
Game NameShillong Teer
Result Date17th January 2022
Result TimingsFirst Round- 3.30 pm
Second Round- 4.30 pm
Legal or IllegalIt is Legal
Shillong Teer Played atPolo Ground of Capital City
Shillong Teer Game Protected UnderMeghalaya Amusements and Betting Tax (Amendment) Act 1982

Before sharing further information, we want to give you a better understanding of Shillong Teer game, how it became so much popular in Meghalaya and why the Meghalaya govt. is thinking about its expansion of this game in other countries.

It is a very popular betting game or we can say, it is a unique game of numbers where players have to place their bet on numbers from 0 to 99 (brief about these numbers is mentioned below). In order to improve the accuracy, Players select numbers on the basis of Shillong Teer previous results, common number, and club numbers.

This is the only game in India where you can earn money through your last night’s dream. Yes, we are not kidding, players also select numbers on the basis of their dreams.

In the terminologies of Shillong Teer, these numbers are called dream numbers. There are different numbers to interpret the dreams like, if you see a man in the dream then the number is 6, for a woman it is 5, for water it is 7, for an erotic dream it is 17.

As per the Meghalaya State Government, Shillong Teer game is completely legal in the state. The game is operated by Khasi Hills Archery Sports Federation where 12 archery clubs are involved.

Meghalaya govt. has given the license to 5000 counters to sell lottery tickets from where one can earn up to 8000 rupees by investing just 100.

Shillong Teer Round 1

Shillong Teer round 1 starts at 3.45 pm and this rounds result will be out at 4.15 pm. In this round, 50 archers shoots 30 arrows each at a target. Those who predict the Teer Dream numbers of the preliminary round correctly, will be awarded Rs 80 for every Re 1 ticket bet placed.

Shillong Teer Round 2

Shillong Teer round 1 starts at 4.45 pm and this rounds result will be out at 5.15 pm. In this round, 50 archers shoots 20 arrows each at a target. Those who predict the Teer Dream numbers of the preliminary round correctly, will be awarded Rs 60 for every Re 1 ticket bet placed.

However, those participants who predicts both rounds numbers will win Rs. 4,000 for every Re 1 ticket.

Shillong Teer Result List Today – 17/01/2022

As we told you earlier, this game is played 6 days a week where 2 rounds are conducted every day. In each round, 50 archers shoot 30 arrows each at the target which is placed at 50 yards distance. Once the round completes, arrows that hit the target are counted and the results for the round are announced.

The last two digits of total arrows which hit the target are declared as the final result of the round. if 445 arrows hit the target then the final result will be number 45.

As these results are declared on a daily basis so you can find Shillong Teer Result Today 2022 on our website. Stay tuned with us and keep refreshing to get latest & updated Shillong teer result today every day.

Shillong Evening Teer Result List Today First & Second Round – 17/01/2022Updated Teer Result
F/R (3:30)99
S/R (4:30)24
Shillong Morning Teer Result List Today First & Second Round – 17/01/2022Morning Teer Result
F/R (10:30) 76
S/R (11:30) 30
Shillong Teer Yesterday Result List First & Second Round – 15/01/2022 Yesterday Teer Result
F/R (3:31 PM)44
S/R (4:31) 18


There is no TEER MAKING NUMBERS FORMULA available on whole Internet.

TEER NUMBERS are based on mathematical FORMULA. You can find tips and idea about the Teer Number Formula at our website.

Shillong Teer Counter Result Timings

We also want to tell you that apart from the game, there are multiple teer games are organized in Meghalaya.

Teer counter of Khanapara, Manipur, and Juwai is also very popular among players. You can check the result timings below for all famous teer games.

  • The official timing for Shillong Teer counter results is 4 pm for the first round and 5 pm for the second round.
  • Official result timing for Khanapara Teer counter is 4 pm onward for 1st round and 5 pm onward for 2nd round.
  • The results of Juwai Teer counter for the 1st & 2nd round are announced at 2:35 Pm and 3:15 pm respectively.

Terminologies of Shillong Teer Game

This is not easy for everyone to make money through Teer lottery games so below, we have highlighted some of the factors that help you in predicting the right number.

Pro players of teer games already suggested that one should have a good understanding of teer game terminologies if he/she wants to boost the chances of winning in the game.

These terminologies are also important for teer of shillong game so reed & understand sharply.

Shillong Teer Common Number Today 17/01/2022

As the name suggests, common numbers are those numbers that are most common as per the data of Shillong teer previous results. Usually, these numbers are calculated with the help of some arithmetical formulas applied to previous years’ teer numbers.

Pro players mostly try to place their bets on common numbers.

Direct House Ending
83, 9621

Shillong Teer Previous Result 2022

In order to make a good amount of money in Shillong teer, one should invest his/her time in analyzing & observing previous results. By doing this, you can catch the pattern of winning the game.

We don’t say that this will provide you 100% accuracy but the chances of winning will be definitely increased.

One month previous results of Shillong Teer.

Date F/R S/ R City
17-01-2022 76 30 Shillong

Club Charts of Shilong Teer

Club chart is also a part of previous years analysis. Here, players analyze the data of those archery clubs who got maximum result numbers in the last 3-4 years Shillong teer results.

On the basis of this analysis, players place their bet.

Teer Dream Numbers

As mentioned above, Shillong teer dream numbers are those numbers that are associated with dreams. One may win the bet by selecting the number based on his/her last night’s dream.

We have shared various dream numbers below through which you can have an idea of dreams and their associated number.

  • Playing some game – 00,27,40,50
  • Traveling in airplane- 23,43,53,63,73,83,93
  • Erotic dream 17,60,59,53,
  • Bathing – 01,18,28,48,58

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Hope that you have gained lots of useful information from this article as we have shared detailed info about Shillong Teer Result Today 2022, Meghalaya Teer Result, Shillong Teer Target Number, Shillong Teer Previous Results, Shillong Teer Counter Timings, and Shillong Night Teer Previous Results.

This information will help you in understanding the Teer of Shillong game and also improve the accuracy of picking the right number.

The information shared in this article is collected from the official site of Shillong teer and other third-party resources.

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Disclaimer- Lotteries are high risky in nature so we do not promote any kind of lottery or gambling on our website or this webpage. As Shillong Teer are legalized by the state Government of Meghalaya but we still say that the high risks are involved so you will be the only person who is responsible for earnings and loses.

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