Juwai Teer Result Today 28.05.2022- Previous Result List, Common Number

Hi, we are publishing this article for those who are searching for Juwai Teer Result Today for 28 May 2022. In this article, our team updates all the relevant information about Juwai Teer on regular basis.

Before proceeding toward the results, let’s have some knowledge about the Juwai Lottery Teer Game. This is one of the popular lottery games which is mostly played in Meghalaya. Given below we have shared all teer result.

Juwai Teer Result Today 28.05.2022

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Juwai Teer Result Juwai Teer Result

Juwai Teer Common Number

If you want Juwai Teer Common Number then you should read our whole article because given below we have mentioned common numbers of this Teer game, direct numbers, house, and ending.

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Juwai Teer Result Today 2022

Juwai Teer Result Today
Juwai Teer

This Juwai Teer game is also conducted at two places in Meghalaya-Juwai & Ladrymbai. Juwai Teer is also played twice a day under which 2 rounds are played in the morning and 2 rounds are played in the evening.

This game is played on all 6 days except Sunday. Juwai Teer game is played only six days a week

If we talk about the format of Juwai Teer, there are 50 archers who take part in each round but in the first round, they shoot 30 arrows, and in the second round they shoot 20 arrows.

For shooting the arrows, archers get a fixed time duration of 2 minutes. After the completion of each round, the officials count the number of arrows that hit the target and announce the Juwai Teer Result for that round.

As the game is played twice a day, Juwai Morning Results are also declared twice in the morning and evening. Usually, the organizers declared the results within 15 minutes after the completion of each round.

Juwai Morning/Evening Teer Results in Today will be announced on the official website and offline as well.

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How to Check Juwai TEER Result 2022 Online?

You can check the Juwai Teer Result two ways the first way is online and the second is offline but below, we have mentioned the online process.

Step 1- Firstly you need to visit infokerala.org
Step 2- After that, type Juwai Teer Result in the search bar and click on the search button.
Step 3- A few seconds later you will see the Juwai Teer Result Today link then click on that link.
Step 4- Now the result will display on your screen.
Step 5- Check Date 01/03/2022 and Venue
Step 6- Now, check the First Round No. and Second Round no.
Step 7- Match with your prediction and ticket.
Step 8- Don’t forget to take the screenshot.

Juwai Teer Previous Result List 2022

Lots of people do find Juwai Teer Old Previous Result and for all of them, we have shared a list where they will see round wise results first round and second round.

We have shared below the previous result list date-wise.

DateFirst RoundSecond Round
27 May 20222841
26 May 2022NILLNILL
25 May 20228277
24 May 20229741
23 May 20229542
22 May 2022NILLNILL
21 May 20220831
20 May 20227432
19 May 20221118
18 May 20223429
17 May 20226524
16 May 20229182
15 May 2022NILLNILL
14 May 20228964
13 May 20222653
12 May 20229683
11 May 20228040
10 May 20229266
09 May 20221617
07 May 20224133
06 May 20224379
05 May 20226148
04 May 20224865
03 May 20229816
02 May 20226994
01 May 2022NILLNILL
30th April 20224963
29th April 20228156
28th April 20221451
27th April 20223625
26th April 20220187
25th April 2022NILLNILL
24th April 2022NILLNill
23rd April 20229188
22nd April 20223375
21st April 20221146
20th April 20228986
19th April 20227133
18th April 20222677
17th April 2022NILLNILL
16th April 20229805
15th April 2022NILLNILL
14th April 2022NILLNILL
13th April 20226672
12th April 20229485
11th April 2022NILLNILL
10th April 2022NILLNILL
9th April 20226971
8th April 20224567
7th April 20227579
6th April 20227885
5th April 20228012
4th April 20227481
3rd April 2022NILLNILL
2nd April 20222685
1st April 20224050
31 March 20223672
30 March 20228015
29 March 2022NILLNILL
28 March 20226271
267March 2022NILLNILL
26 March 20227436
25 March 20224557
24 March 20224372
23 March 20227596
22 March 20229473
21 March 20223085
20 March 2022NILLNILL
19 March 20228261
18 March 20225568
17 March 20229460
16 March 20220124
15 March 20229695
14 March 20221922
12 March 20226429
11 March 20225989
10 March 20228956
9 March 20228956
8 March 20229741
7 March 20226768
5 March 20225865
4 March 20226149
3 March 20220764
2 March 20224186
1 March 20227381
28 February 20225476
26 February 20223359
25 February 2022NILLNILL
24 February 20229817
23 February 20223766
22 February 20221097
21 February 20222311
19 February 20224428
18 February 20227619
17 February 20227619
16 February 20222698
15 February 20229625
14 February 20222165
13 February 2022NILLNILL
12 February 20226472
11 February 20227723
10 February 20223574
09 February 20224493
08 February 20228983
07 February 20223825
05 February 20226403
04 February 20221557
03 February 20228789
02 February 20221576
01 February 20225895
31st January 20225979
29th January 20223136
28th January 20226783
27th January 20225803
25th January 20221180
24th January 20229380


What is Juwai Teer?

Juwai Teer is a very popular lottery game in northeast India. Lots of people are playing this game and the few state governments have been permitted to host the Lottery games In India.

How many rounds are in Juwai Teer Game?

The Juwai Teer game has two rounds.

Is the Juwai Teer game played online or offline.?

This game is only played offline but you can check the result by both the mediums online and offline.

Q- On which day the Juwai Teer is not played?

The Juwai Teer Game is played all six days a week except Sunday.


Through this article, we have tried to help those people who are searching Juwai Teer Result Today, Previous Result List, Hit Number, or Common Number on the internet.

We have tried our best to make this article helpful for those who keep interested in this teer game and looking for Juwai Teer Morning Result 2022.

Disclaimer- Lotteries are high risky in nature so we do not promote any kind of lottery or gambling on our website or this webpage. As Juwai Teer is legalized by the state Government of Meghalaya but we still say that the high risks are involved so you will be the only person who is responsible for earnings and losses.

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