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Kalyan Night Chart Latest News and Update for 17th March 2022 with Panel Night Chart is updated here in this article.

In the world, there are two types of people, those who want to earn money by working hard and those who always find an easy way to earn money by taking risks. Some of the people prefer risking their money to play lottery games like Satta Matka.

This Satta Matka game is very popular all over India but it is illegal. Indian Government doesn’t promote these kinds of gambling games. Those who are playing Satta Matka they are playing at their own risk.

Our team also suggests not to play this Satta Matka because it makes you addicted and eventually you will lose all your hard-earned money.

Here on this page, we will share Kalyan Night Panel Chart, Kalyan Night Chart या Kalyan Chart Result, Kalyan Chart night and more.

Kalyan Night Chart

Kalyan Night Chart

Those who play the Satta Matka game knows about Kalyan Night Chart and its importance in this game. Kalyan Chart is a chart where all previous “Satta Matka Result Numbers” are shown. Those who play this game always check Kalyan Chart before playing this lottery game because this sheet helps in guessing the Satta Matka Number which might help them in winning this lottery game.

Kalyan Panel Night Chart is a sheet that consists date wise previous Satta Matka Results. On this chart, you will get to see the result from 2012 till today which helps you analyze the upcoming result of this game.

Kalyan Night Panel Chart

Kalyan Panel chart is a sheet where you will see the Satta Matka previous result and you will get help in making the upcoming lottery numbers easily. Those who daily play Satta Matka Game will also take a look at the night chart, panel night chart and more in order to guess the number.

We have heard that this Night Chart of Kalyan has helped more than 60% of people in guessing the lottery number and winning the lottery game.

How to Download the Kalyan Chart Satta Matka?

Still many of these game lovers don’t know how to download this chart. To help them we are sharing a few simple steps which might help them in getting the latest Kalyan Panel Night Chart.

Follow the step and get your chart which may help you in guessing the right number of the Satta Matka Lottery game.

Step 1- Open Google in your Mobile/Computer browser.

Step 2- Then, Search the “Kalyan Chart” keyword.

Step 3- Open the First website and you will be redirected to the page where you will get the latest “Satta Matka Night Chart”.

We are also sharing the other option which also help you in getting the latest night chart of this game. You can also follow them.

Step 1- Visit the Official Website of Satta Matka.

Step 2- Then, On the Homepage search for the “All Matka Charts” and Click on that.

Step 3- Past Following the above Step, You will be redirected to a page where you will see the list of all available charts.

Step 4- Among them, You will see the first result of the “Kalyan Chart”.

Step 5- Click on that link and you will be redirected to the page where you will get to see “Night Chart of Kalyana Satta Matka.

Pros & Cons of Satta Matka Kalyan Chart

Kalyan Chart does have various advantages and disadvantages and we are sharing all of them here. So that our viewers should also know more about this night chart.


  • Help you in guessing the Satta Matka Result Number.
  • You can find previous Satta Matka Numbers.


  • In India, playing and running Satta Matka is illegal.
  • You might get punished or have to pay a fine if you are caught.
  • It might get bank corrupt if you failed in guessing the right lottery number.


Is Satta Matka is Legal or Illegal

In India, the Satta Matka game is illegal and is a punishable offence.

Where to find Kalyan Night Chart?

We have shared all the steps above which will help you in getting the Kalyan panel night chart easily.

What is the timing of the Kalyan Open?

Kalyan game opens at 3.45 pm and closes at 5.45 pm.

Disclaimer- Lotteries are high risky in nature so we do not promote any kind of lottery or gambling on our website or this webpage. we still say that the high risks are involved so you will be the only person who is responsible for earnings and losses. we also advise that minors below 18 years should stay away from playing the game.

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