Covid Booster Dose Registration- Booster Vaccine Shot

Date: Covid Booster Dose Registration has already been started from 10th January 2022.

As we all know Covid new variant of Omicron has entered our country India and since then Covid virus Cases are increasing day by day.

To curb the huge spread of Covid-19 the Government of India has introduced a Covid Booster Dose for front line workers and Senior citizens initially.

Through, this article we will try our best to help all of you in providing detailed information about Booster Vaccine Registration, Process of Booster Dose Online Application and Booster Dose Online Registration 2022. Covid Booster Dose Covid Booster Dose Registration Covid Booster Dose

Currently, only senior citizens and front line workers are eligible for Covid Booster Dose. In order to register your booster dose, you have to visit Cowin Portal online.

The government of India has taken this initiative of the third dose to prevent the ask spread of the Corona Virus.

The Booster dose is also known as a precautionary dose as well. Our Front Line workers include Health Care Workers, Doctors, Nurses, All-State Police etc.

Before applying for Covid Booster Dose all front line workers and senior citizens should have taken both doses of Covid Vaccine otherwise you are not eligible for the Booster Shot.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Both Covid 19 vaccine doses should have been taken.
  • It must have passed 39 weeks or 9 moths after the 2nd Dose of Corona Vaccination.

If you fall in the above criteria then you will easily find an option of precautionary dose on your Cowin Dashboard.

Across all over India there are 148 vaccine Centers and among them, 29 Centers are for Covaxin and 119 centres for Covishield.

As per the information, there is no requirement for a new registration for the Covid Booster Dose.

Interested individuals can directly log in to their old account n order to book a Booster Dose Vaccine.

Facts about Covid Booster Dose

Before taking any Booster Dose all of you must know important facts about this Corona vaccine.

VirusCorona or Covid-19
VaccineCOVID-19 Vaccine
Vaccine NameCovaxin & Covishield
Booster DoseCovid Booster Dose or Precaution Dose
Eligible IndividualsSenior Citizens and Front-line Workers
Eligibility CriteriaIt must have been 39 weeks or 9 months passed after the second dose of corona vaccination.
Online Registration/BookingRegistration is not necessary Covid Booster Dose Start Date10th January 2021
Booster Launched byMinistry of Health & Family welfare
PurposeTo curb the coronavirus spread and build strong immunity
TimingsIndividuals can register Booster Vaccine Shot 24×7.

Importance of Corona Virus Booster Dose

First, You all should know that Government already stated that there is no requirement to consult a doctor before taking a precautionary dose or booster shot.

If still any of you want to consult then it’s your wish.

Taking Covid Booster Dose is very important for all of us because it is going to increase our immunity and makes our body strong. It is designed especially for those whose immune response weakened over time.

Research suggests that getting a booster dose can decrease your risk of Covid-19 infection and severe illness.

But, Initially, the Government of India has only started Booster Dose Registration for front line workers and senior citizens.

Also Check:

We advise all eligible citizens to take their precautionary shot as soon as possible because we have already seen in the 2nd wave of corona many of us had lost our family members, friends, and loved ones.

So, we should learn from that mistake and take Covid Booster Shot immediately after becoming eligible for the booster vaccination.

Most eligible individuals don’t know how to apply Booster Dose because some of them are not much educated, not technically sound and don’t have mobile phones. So, we advise all of them to visit their nearby centres, where front line workers will help you in booking your Cowin booster dose as soon as possible.

How to Register Covid Booster Dose Vaccine

Those who have the knowledge and are well educated should follow the below steps in order to book their Booster Dose Vaccine. We have shared a very simple process, which will help you in booking your precautionary dose in the first attempt.

  1. To Register, for a precautionary dose you have to pen the official website of Cowin. After the visiting the official portal home page. You will see Register/Sign In option just click on that.
  2. After following above steps you will be redirected to a new a pate where you will asked to fill you registered Mobile No and than click on “Get OTP” option.
  3. After above step you will get a Six Digit OTP which you have to enter on the same page and click on verify and proceed option.
  4. After that your Cowin Portal dashboard will be opened and here you have to find an option of Booster dose just tap on that and book your Covid Booster Dose.
  5. In the end you have to choose Time, Date and Vaccination Center, where you have to visit on the same time and Date to get your Covid Booster Dose.

These are all steps of Booster dose Online Application Registration. Those who want to download the precaution dose certificate can easily get it after taking the precaution dose easily from the Cowin online portal.


What are the side effects of getting a coronavirus booster shot?

There are various side effects associated with any covid booster shoots and these are pain, redness or swelling at the injection site, tiredness, headache, muscle pain, chills, fever and nausea

Is Booster Dose necessary?

A booster dose is not necessary but senior citizens or persons with a weak immunity should take a booster dose.

Are Covid Booster Shots working?

Yes, they are very effective in preventing severe illness, hospitalization, and death

Do children need booster shots?

Right now, Children don’t need any kind of booster dose.


We hope all of you have found this article informational because we have shared all relevant info about Covid Booster Dose, Booster Vaccine Registration, Booster Shot Booking and more.

Still, those who want to know more than please share your question in the comment section. Our team will try hard to solve all of your queries. Don’t forget to bookmark us for updated news and info.

Cowin Official WebpageClick Here
Infokerala Official WebsiteClick Here


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