WWE Smackdown Results Friday Night 2022


WWE Smackdown Results Friday Night 2022

WWE stands for world wrestling entertainment and all over the World WWE is very famous. We all know that you are here to know about the WWE Smackdown Results Friday Night 2022.

WWE Smackdown Results: The Usos and RK Bro Fight Result

Last Night( FRIDAY NIGHT ) the usos fought for the raw and smackdown championship and they create history by defeating the current champion RK -BRO and holding the position of raw and smackdown championships. Also the news of current women’s tag team champions Sasha banks and Naomi have been suspended, it’s shocking for all the audience and also to Sasha and Naomi, the reason behind it is only known by the officials and they declared that new champions will be crowned.

The rivalry between the Usos and Rk bro sparkled after the 38th WrestleMania and came to conclusion last Friday night.

The Usos team have Jey Uso and Jimmy Usos. And the RK team have Randy Orton and Riddle.

Last Friday the Usos defeated Rk very hurtly to become the tag team champion. The four participants use the ladder and staircase to beat up one another Riddle appeared to suffer an injury after hitting the turnbuckle hard but recovered soon and again participate in the fight.

But the fight ends up as Heyman distracted the referee in corner of the ring. While Riddle attempted to deliver a top-rope RKO to Jey, Reigns clutched onto Jey while the referee was distracted, forcing Riddle to plummet by himself. A sudden top-rope splash secured the win.

The effort given by all the participants is appreciable by the all the audience and fans of them.
Also, WWE announced the suspension of the women tag team Sasha and Naomi.

WWE Smackdown Results 2022
WWE Smackdown Results 2022

WWE Smackdown Results Friday Night: Shinsuke Nakamura vs Sami Zayn Results

The match starts off with Zayn going behind Shinsuke and locking in a side headlock, Zayn then lands a shoulder tackle on Shinsuke for a two count, Zayn then kicks in an armbar but Shinsuke rolls through with an armbar takedown and a headlock, Shinsuke then lands kicks to the chest of Zayn, Shinsuke then chokes Zayn in the corner with his boot, Shinsuke then lands a snapmirror takedown followed by a knee to the face of Zayn, Zayn then uses Shinsuke’s hair to take him down, Zayn then lands a series of punches on Nakamura, Zayn then lands a closely on Shinsuke for a near fall, Zayn then chokes Shinsuke neck first against the second rope, Zayn then goes to the top but Nakamura stops him with punches, Shinsuke goes for a suplex but Sami lands punches and elbows, before kicking Shinsuke off the tops, Nakamura then crotches Zayn on the top and goes for the Kinshasa but Sami sidesteps, Sami pushes Nakamura to the outside.

WWE Smackdown Results: Raquel Rodriguez vs Shotzi Result

The match starts off with both women exchanging punches, Raquel then push Shotzi in the corner, Raquel then picks up Shotzi with her arm, followed by a shoulder tackle, Shotzi then lands a boot on their face Raquel, Raquel then picks up Shotzi and slams her into the corner, Shotzi then chokes Raquel with her legs over the ropes, Shotzi then lands a spinning right hand followed by a kick, Raquel then lands a headbutt, Shotzi goes for a hurricane but is caught, Raquel then lands a fallaway slam, followed by another one, Raquel followed by a one-arm powerbomb for the crucial victory.

Xavier Woods and Butch Result Highlights

The match starts with Butch trying to run after Xavier, Xavier lands a stiff forearm followed by a running kick through the ropes, Xavier then throws Butch back into the ring by his ear, Butch then steps on the hand of Xavier and lands a series of clubbing blows, Butch then puts Xavier in a headlock, Xavier goes for a comeback but Butch slaps him, Xavier then lands a rolling closeline for the near fall, Xavier puts Butch in q fireman’s carry but Butch rakes the eyes, Butch then puts Xavier on the middle of the top rope, before landing a series of kicks to the head of Xavier, Butch runs at Xavier but Xavier rolls him up for the pinfall victory

As all these wwe matches are for entertainment purposes and the matches are choreographed.

wwe mainly attracted young people and encourage them to participate in it.

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