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Hello everyone today we will discuss the wordle world. If you haven’t heard about it you must be living in the stone age. This is the online gaming sensation. Let’s discuss this interesting game today and the most searching its Wordle Today Answer.

Wordle Today Answer 12th February

Wordle is an online game in which the player of the game tries to find the word. For this, he gets a total of six chances. To guess the word game provided some hints which are colourful. Wordle answers changed every day. We have only one word in a single day and the next day the world changes. Everyone gets the same word.

Everyday Wordle shares today wordle word and those who have guessed the word correctly are the winner of the game.

Invention of Wordle

The game was invented by Josh Wardle in October 2021. He is a software engineer and American by nationality although he spends the early part of his life in England.

His wife was fond of word games so he invented this game. This game was named after his last name ‘Wardle’ with a single change in the spelling of his name.

Initially, Wardle and his wife both played the game and it was not public but after some time they share this game with their relatives and friends and with the time span of three months this game became really popular among gamers.

Data shows that till the first week of November 2021 this game was played by around 100 people. The popularity of the game increased with time and in the time span of two months this game was played by more than three Lakh people.

Wordle Today Answer 220 (12th Feb 2022)

Today 12th Feb 2022 Answer-

Rules: Wordle Today Answer

The rules of playing the games are very simple. It is a web-based puzzle word game. This game requires players to guess a new five-letter word every day. For this player get six chances maximum. Every player gets the same word. And wordle today answers declared at the midnight.

Wordle Today Answer
Wordle Today Answer

The next day the world changes. The words are in the English alphabet. Once you submit the answer the letters will change the colour according to the answer of the player. If the players guess turns into green letters that means that the letters are in right place and are correct.

The yellow boxes mean that the word is right but the position of letters is not accurate. A grey box indicates the wrong answer.

Wordle and Twitter Connection

Data published by Twitter showed that there is a big boost in the use of coloured emojis on Twitter. These tweets are in green, grey and yellow square emojis.

Twitter said that since the game was released for the public in October 2021 there have been more than 8,00000 tweets mentioning the game.

96% of wordle conversation in India took place on Twitter is the other data shared by Twitter. There is an expected 50% growth in wordle conversations among Indians in the next few days on Twitter.

Releasing some screenshots of conversations about the game Twitter said that some users are trying to create their own versions in Indian regional languages.

Tips to play the Wordle Game

The good thing with this game is that there is no time limit for the game. If a gamer needs a break after getting stuck on a puzzle he can take his time. Some people suggest that to solve the word puzzle we should start with the use of vowels. Some gave tips that words with digraphs like “ph” and “wh” can help in avoiding incorrect letters.

Why Wordle Game getting Famous

In the time of pandemic wordle, online games are getting famous. The reason behind it is that in the world of aggressive gaming simple game like wordle gives a soothing experience to gamers. Some philosopher has the opinion that the reason behind this game to be famous is the graphic designing of the wordle chart where one can see the whole arc of another’s an attempt.

A famous psychologist ‘Lee chambers’ Once told that this game stimulates both the language and logic processing areas of the brain and it leads to the release of dopamine, a chemical that causes people to seek out positive experiences again.

Experts said that when people try to solve the same puzzle at the same time the feeling of togetherness increases within them.

Controversy: Wordle Today Answer

There was big controversy happened between Britain and America. Actually, wordle used the American English spelling “Favor” instead of the correct British word “Favour”.

People twitted on this issue against the use of incorrect English of today wordle answer. In another incident that took place a few days before apple removes the wordle clones from the app store.

Apple has confirmed to the BBC news that ‘multiple copycat versions of the hugely popular game wordle has been removed from the App Store.


Here we discussed, in brief, the online game Wordle and its Wordle Today Answer. Your precious feedback will be awaited in the comments box.

Official Website of Wordle- Click Here

Infokerala Official Website- Click Here

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