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Sasta Shark Tank

Sasta Shark Tank

We all heard about the Sharks Tank India which becomes a super hit in India. This show was a copy of the Indian franchise of the American show Shart Tank. In this show, various entrepreneurs come with a business idea and present it to the panel i.e Sharks and then Sharks will decide whether to invest in their idea or company.

This is the basic plot of Sharks Tank India and it was first premiered on 20th December 2021 and concluded on 4 February 2022. Its first season was a super hit and was aired on Sony television.

But, on 16th March 2022, the famous YouTuber Ashish Chanchlani has created a spoof on Shark Tank India with the name of Sasta Shark Tank.

That video has already become a super hit, in just two days they have crossed 20 Million views.

Sasta Shark Tank Cast Name

In the real Shark Tank India, there were 7 sharks who heard the proposal of all entrepreneurs. But in Sasta Shark Tank there are only 4 sharks and we are sharing all names and their company names with positions.

Shark Tank Real Cast

Sharks NameCompany & Position
Ashneer GroverMD and Co-Founder of BharatPe 
Anupam MittalFounder & CEO of People Group
Aman GuptaCo-Founder & CMO of boAt 
Vineeta SinghCEO & Co-Founder of SUGAR Cosmetics 
Namita ThaparExecutive Director at Emcure Pharma 
Peyush BansalFounder & CEO of 
Ghazal AlaghCo-Founder & CIO of Mamaearth 

In this spoof video, there are only 4 sharks whose names with their company names are as follows.

Ashneer GroverPaneer GroverFounder of BharatDe
Babita PapadNamit ThaparPapad Queen of India
Chaman GuptaAman GuptaGOAT Headphones
Uttapam MisalAnupam

Ashish Chanchalani acted as Ahsneer Grover in this spoof video of Shark Tank India.

Sasta Shark Tank Contestants

In this Sasta Shark Tank, the contestants come up with the idea of Spittin Bowl, A man with a blowing Air, a thief who asked for the money from these Sasta Shark Tank investors.

In India, this spoof video is trending on google and even memes are also trending on social media networks. This spoof video doesn’t feature the other 3 sharks i.e Ghazal Alagh, Vineeta Singh, and Peyush Bansal.

Those who don’t have watched this spoof video should watch it because it is fun to watch.

We have shared the original spoof video of “Shark Tank India” video so that those who haven’t watched the video can watch it.

Sasta Shark Tank Reaction

Ashneer Grover who is the founder of BharatPe has appreciated the effort of Ashish Chanchlani and he also posted the image of this spoof video on his Instagram story.

Ashneer Grover has enjoyed this spoof video of Shark Tank video even he loves the acting of Ashish Chanchlani who has played his role.


Who has written this Sasta Shark Tank?

Ashish Chanchalani has written this spoof video himself.

Was this spoof video of Shark Tank India is hit?

Yes, this spoof video has become a super hit because within 2 days this video has gained more than 20 million views on Youtube.

On which Youtube Channel was this spoof video published?

This spoof video has been uploaded to the Ashish Chanchalani Vines youtube channel.

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