An Informative Guide on PowerPoint Not Opening with Proven Methods


Is it true that you are caught in a circumstance where the significant PowerPoint file you made with long stretches of exertion quit answering all of the unexpected? Use Remo Fix PowerPoint to fix damaged or corrupt PowerPoint records in a couple of straightforward clicks. This device works with read-just mode algorithms to securely sweep and fix PPT, PPTX, and PPS files that are not responding because of changing the document extension, serious virus infection, malware attacks, etc.

Major Causes for PPT File Not Responding

Below are some of the major causes for PowerPoint not opening or not responding issues:

  • At the point when your PC is slacking assets because of more background projects like antivirus, scheduled programs, and more.
  • At the point when you all the while access numerous projects, then, at that point, it affects your PC performance that prompts PowerPoint not opening or responding.
  • Assuming you have installed the Microsoft Office program on a PC that doesn’t meet the base requirement necessity.

The abovementioned are some of the significant purposes for the PPT file “Not Responding” error. For the most part, when you run over this blunder, you end the PPT application. Anyway, the next time you open it, the file ought to open ordinarily, yet because of a few surprising reasons, there can be chances of corruption in the PPT document as it ended strangely.

If you have lost your PowerPoint files, do allude to this article to figure out how to recover erased or lost PowerPoint files on Macintosh. If you have experienced PowerPoint not responding blunder when you attempt to save the presentation, then, at that point, this prompts a data loss situation. You can undoubtedly recover unsaved PowerPoint presentations involving the demonstrated strategies for free during such occasions.

How Do I Fix PowerPoint Not Responding?

Below are some of the proven methods which you can use to resolve the PowerPoint not opening or not responding issue:

Close PowerPoint Used by Another Process

Check to assume the Microsoft PowerPoint is utilized by another process or not since when you begin playing out any assignment on the already opened or used PowerPoint, then, at that point, it could prevent you from utilizing it. So first complete the work in the generally opened process and afterwards have a go at playing out different errands.

Update Your Antivirus Software to Fix Unresponsive PowerPoint Application

Update the antivirus software to its most recent on your Windows or Macintosh to open PowerPoint with next to no issue. If the antivirus software on your system is now updated, you can check whether it is viable with your Microsoft Office or not. An incongruent antivirus program prevents you from getting to the PowerPoint program. So, start working with your PowerPoint after switching off the antivirus program. If your PowerPoint works with no answering blunder or freeze, the issue exists with your antivirus program.

Tips To Avoid PowerPoint Not Opening Issue

Here are some of the essential tips to avoid PowerPoint not opening issues:

  • Never close your PowerPoint application suddenly or inappropriately.
  • Close unused windows, including new File Explorer windows.
  • Do not install untrustworthy or incongruent add-ins or outsider applications on your Windows.
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