Mr. Beast Net Worth 2022 Forbes: How He Gained 111M Subscribers?


Here in this article we gonna share all Mr. Beast Net Worth, Income, Real Name, Girlfriend, Height, Age, Bio and more information in detail. So, sit tight and enjoy the article. Mr beast is a name whose name is pretty popular on the Internet because of its creative YouTube videos.

Mr. Beast Net Worth

Mr. Beast Net Worth
Mr. Beast Net Worth 2022

On Internet, every day millions around the world try to search about the net worth of Mr Beast. So, we have decided to share the exact information related to Mr Beast Net Worth 2022.

According to the Social Blade, his YouTube Channel estimated earnings are between $119.3K – $1.9M monthly and $1.4M – $22.9M yearly. But, this does not end here, he also started a brand i.e “MrBeast Burger” in November 2020.

This business of Mr Beast consists of various burgers, french fries, desserts, and canned beverages. Customers can order food from a delivery application. Mr Beast burger is based on Virtual Dining Concepts

There are currently over 1,000 locations in North America and Europe, with plans to expand to more countries and increase the number of locations exponentially in near future.

The current, approximate Net Worth of Mr Beast 2022 is – $25 Million

Who is Mr Beast?

Mr Beast is a famous Youtuber whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson. After getting huge success from Youtube he also becomes a businessman, and philanthropist. He was born on 7th May 1998 in America.

He is also a founder of MrBeast Burger and the co-creator of Team Trees. Apart from this, he also raised funds for several foundations.

  • Arbor Day Foundation
  • Team Seas
  • The Ocean Cleanup
  • Ocean Conservancy

Mr beast is a name that is very famous on the Internet because of his creative videos on his Youtube Channel. He is an American and started his YouTube journey at the age of 13 under the handle name “MrBeast6000”. Under this handle, he used to post gaming and estimate the wealth of other YouTuber’s videos.

The first video was uploaded in 2012 but he got success in 2017 when his “counting to 100,000” video got tens of thousands of views in a span of a few days. Ever since he has become popular with most of his videos getting millions of views day by day.

He becomes more famous because of his donation and giveaway videos. In one video, Jimmy Donaldson aka Mr Beast donates $1,00,000 worth of items to homeless shelters in December 2018.

Mr Beast Net Worth 2022 Biography

Real NameJimmy Donaldson
Date of Birth7th May 1998
Current Age22 Years Old
Lives atGreenville, North Carolina
Source of IncomeMr Beast Shop, YouTube, Professional Gamer, Content Creator, Online Streamer
Height6ft 3inches
Educational QualificationJimmy Donaldsons i.e Mr Beast has graduated from Green Ville Cristian Academy in 2016 after that he briefly attended East Carolina University but eventually dropped out.
Jimmy Donaldson Net Worth$25 Million

Mr Beast Income

As we all know Mr Beast well-known personality on Youtube and the Internet. So its main source of income comes from his YouTube eleven channels.

Apart from Youtube he also has several business ventures from where he also earns a pretty handsome income as well.

Also Check:

List of Other Business ventures where jimmy Donaldsons has invested his money and earned a good amount of income.

  • Mr Beast Burger
  • Mr Beast Online Shop
  • Finger on the App

List of Mr Beast YouTube Channels

YouTube ChannelsSubscribers
MrBeast87.6 Million
MrBeast Brasil2.86 Million
Beast Philanthropy7.25 Million
MrBeast Gaming25.2 Million
MrBeast Shorts11.6 Million
Beast Reacts14.9 Million
MrBeast 25.3 Million
MrBeast en Español13.7 Million
Beast Reacts en Español3.5 Million
MrBeast На Русском2.24 Million
MrBeast Gaming en Español1.96 Million

Mr Beast YouTube Career

As we all know Jimmy started his career on YouTube and uploaded his first ever video on YouTube in February 2012. When he was only thirteen years of age.

His mainly focused content at that time was playing games like Minecraft and Call of Duty, Black Ops. In 2017, Jimmy Donaldson uploaded various creative content videos and these videos gained him huge popularity.

Videos that become a game-changer for Jimmy Donaldson are as follows-

  • Keeping it 24 Hours
  • Counting to 200,000
  • Attempting 24 Hours underwater challenge
  • Breaking Glass Using a Hundred Mega Phones
  • Watching Paint Dry for an Hour
  • Attempt to Spin a Fidget Spinner for a Day

Awards Won By Jimmy Donaldson aka Mr Beast

We are sharing the list of awards in different categories which were won by Mr Beast last year.

2019Breakout Creator
2020YouTuber of the Year
2020Creator of the Year
2020Live Special
2020Social Good: Creator
2020Social Good: Nonprofit or NGO
2021Creator of the Year
List of Awards Won By Mr Beast

Facts About Jimmy Donaldson

Popular facts about Mr Beast i.e Jimmy Donaldson which could amaze you all are as follows.

  • One of the Polls that was conducted by Servey Monkey shows that Mr Beast is one of the most well-liked YouTubers on the platform in 2021.
  • Mr Beast had raised more than $23.5 Million as of December 2012 for 2021. For Arbor Day Foundation under team trees Campaign.
  • Mr Beast other initiative i.e the ocean clean-up and ocean conservancy also raised over $30 Million.
  • 1 September 2020, He has started a new YouTube Channel name was Beast Philanthropy where he posts all charity-related videos.
  • In 2020, He was also one of the Top 10 highest-paid YouTubers.

Key Facts About MrBeast YouTube Channels

  • His Monthly Gross Revenue is over 3 Million Dollars from his all YouTube Channels.
  • He has donated over 100 Cars till now on YouTube.
  • Gave away 1 Million dollars in a single video.
  • He now spends as much as $300,000 dollar in the production of 1 YouTube video instead of $10,000 which was a few years ago.
  • Mr Beast’s main YouTube Channels has more than 14.2 Billion views if we combined all of his YouTube Channel view than they would become 22 Billion combined views.
  • His main channel has more than 87.4 Million Subscribers and if we combined his all YouTube Channels Subscriber then it would be 171.9 Million Subscribers.

Mr Beast Girlfriend’s Name

We all know Mr Beast has a Million fan following across of world and they all search on the Internet who is the girlfriend of Mr Beast. Now we are going to share his girlfriend’s name and their story.

In June 2019, Jimmy Donaldson met a girl on Twitter whose name was Maddy Spidell since then they both are dating each other. But In February 2020 has uploaded a video whose Title was “Surprising My Girlfriend with 100,000 Roses” for Valentine’s Day.

Because of that video Mr Beast, all fans got to know about his girlfriend.

Because of its huge popularity in the World, daily new questions related to Mr Beast are searched on many search engines. Some of them are shared here which could help you to know him better.

Q- Is Jimmy Donaldson i.e Mr Beast is a dropout?

Yes, he is a dropout from East Carolina University.

Q- How many YouTube channels does he have?

He has a total of 11 YouTube channels and we have shared all of them.

Q- What is the real name of Mr Beast?

The real Name is Jimmy Donaldson but only a few of us know it.

Q- How old is Mr Beast?

Currently, he is only 23 years old.

Q- Is Mr Beast suffering from any disease?

Yes, Donaldson suffers from Crohn’s disease which is an inflammatory bowel condition since his childhood.

Q- What is the Net Worth of Mr Beast in 2022?

No one knows the exact net worth of Mr Beast but the estimated net worth is $25 Million according to many reliable sources.


We have gathered all important information about Mr Beast Net Worth 2022, Real Name, Age, Girlfriend, Income, Business, Bio, Youtube Channels, Personal Life, Date of Birth, Awards and more in this article. If you found this article helpful then please share it with your friends and family.

Please also share your reviews here in the comment sections.

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