How Does Scoring and Points Calculation Works In Points Rummy


Points rummy game rules are somewhat different from that of the regular game. But truth be told, points rummy is the 13-card rummy game that you can play on several gaming apps. Card games, including rummy, are fan-favourite options in this gaming world.

And if you want to make your first valid declaration in the game, now is the right time to get your hands on the Points Rummy game. GetMega can be your one-stop destination where you can play this rummy variant and boost your confidence for a successful gaming session. Now that you know which gaming app can offer the best experience, learn the following details before you get started.

A Brief on Scoring & Point Calculation in Points Rummy

As you complete downloading the app, you need to finish the first win. Only then will you be declared the winner with 0 points! Dive into the following details to understand more on this front:

  • When more than one (or one) player makes the initial move, they get 20 points each. The game then goes on until they are left standing
  • After they make the initial move, when more than one (or one) player decides to quit the game, they will get 40  points each. Then, the game will continue until one gamer is left
  • If the participant announces yet doesn’t complete the game’s objective, they will receive 80 points, and this game will continue until the winner is declared.

Want to learn the steps to calculate the points for a losing player? Let’s delve deep into the following narration:

Steps to calculate the points for losing players: How to Proceed?

There are a few points assigned to every card. And players who lose will get the points depending on hand scores determined as mentioned in the following:

  • Any suit of J, Q, K, & A carries 10 points each
  • The points on other numbered cards will be equal to the face value (take the example of 7 that has 7 points & 3 that has 3 points)
  • Joker cards are not worth anything
  • A losing hand score gets calculated if at the game’s end. The points get added for cards not categorized as sequences or sets. Note that the cards get counted when any losing player doesn’t have any pure sequence. 
  • A pure sequence should not be considered if a losing player possesses the pure sequence instead of two sequences.
  • A player can get around 80 points. And the player still receives 80 points even when the hand score remains 85.
  • But note that the player will get 75 points when their hand score is around 75.

Considering special circumstances, a gamer can be removed instantly from the table when they miss their consecutive turns thrice. That leads to a middle drop score consisting of 40 points for the player.

Best Ways to Calculate Winning in the Game

In simple terms, points rummy’s winner gets determined by the following calculation:

The winning prize is equal to the sum of the total points of the opponent multiplied by the value of the point. And this figure will be subtracted by the rummy fees of the app. By doing this calculation, you can get the winning prize. Here’s a brief:

Winning prize = (Total points of opponents’ sum) x (value of the point in rupees) – Rummy fees charged by GetMega

The Drop Option: And the Working Process?

  • When the player in points rummy thinks that they have a poor hand, they might quit the game. In that case, they will get 20 points when the player opts for the first drop or plays without choosing the cards
  • It might be termed as the middle drop when the player leaves their game upon taking single or multiple cards. Around 40 points will make up the total middle drop.
  • Declarations remain invalid in the loss of 80 rummy points. The game of rummy goes on as long as a winner gets 0 points

How to Download GetMega and Play Points Rummy?

Given below is a comprehensive list of steps to download GetMega and Play Points Rummy:

  • Download GetMega 
  • Open the file by choosing “Open.”
  • Click on the option that mentions Settings & allow the Installation 
  • Signup on the app and tap on “I agree.”
  • Claim the signup bonus 
  • Choose Points Rummy 
  • Join the table.
  • Play your game & get a chance to defeat all the opponents.
  • Win & collect the rewards.
  • Get a winning portfolio on your account
  • Withdraw the rewards accordingly

Why is the Points Rummy Game Different?In points rummy games, the gameplay differs from other rummy types. Every player should commit an amount of money. The value of every rupee earned during a game remains predetermined. There’s just a single game round. A winning player will win the money that others have pledged. And in the points rummy game, the winner will be determined after a game.


We solely provide information about sports betting for information purposes only. We do not take bets, or place bets. We do not encourage placing bets or risking your money.

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