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BGMI is one of the popular games among the young generation for the last 3 years. Whenever their updates come BGMI lovers start searching for it on google. Now, its BGMI 1.9 Update is coming and its lovers have started searching for this update apk file.

BGMI updates mean new features, so the eagerness to try these new features will be increased in players.

BGMI 1.9 Update

BGMI 1.9 Update

Krafton is the developer of Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) and from time to time they come with a new update so the players do show more engagement in BGMI.

In BGMI 1.9 Update they have improved many bugs and also introduced many new features such as new scope design, revive in water, new quad bike and more.

After hearing about these new features the eagerness to play this update is on top of all BGMI game lovers. The official announcement has been issued by Krafton on which they will going to release this BGMI 1.9 Update APK File.

According to the various sources, we have heard that this update of BGMI will be going to be released on 18th March 2022. We can confirm this because there is an official announcement made by the developers of this game on their official website.

BGMI 1.9 Update Official Release Date

Krafton has the sole authority to announce the date of any BGMI update and they have released a statement regarding the 1.9 updates of BGMI. Where they confirmed that this update will arrive on 18th March 2022 according to the official website.

BGMI 1.9 Update Official Release Date has been available but we advise all the BGMI lovers to subscribe to our website because we will update this page whenever KRAFTOn BGMI 1.9 Update Apk File will be released.

This update may bring new outfits, new gun skins, new tdm, new modes, and more.

Game NameBattlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI)
Update VersionBGMI 1.9
Update Size351 MB approx
Update Release Date18th March 2022 (Confirmed)
BGMI Release Date2 July 2021 (Android)
18 August 2021 (iOS)
Total DownloadsMore than 70 Million Downloads
Post CategoryGaming

How to Download BGMI 1.9 Update APK File

Whenever the update comes to any game the developer releases its apk file first and this apk file can only run on Android devices only. After the official announcement, both iOS and Android device gets the notification on their app market.

After that, they can easily update their existing BGMI game.

On the internet, there are various sources from where you can download this BGMI 1.9 Update Apk easily. Our team has designed a detailed guide where you have to follow the below steps in order to get this BGMI APK file.

Step 1- Visit this webpage

Step 2- You will be redirected to the homepage where you have to search for “BGMI 1.9 Update” on the right top corner.

Step 3- After that, you will be redirected to the new page where you will get your BGMI 1.9 APK File.

Step 4- Click on that and download your file.

The above steps are to be followed when there is no official announcement made by the game developers about this update.

Below we are sharing another step-wise guide which is to be followed when the BGMI Update has been officially announced by the developers.

Step 1- Visit the app store of your device.

Step 2- On the app store, search for BGMI.

Step 3- After that, you will see an update button on the same page.

Step 4- Click on that and update your BGMI game to the latest version.

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BGMI 1.9 Holi Dhamaka Update

As we all know, Holi is a festival that is celebrated in India in a very enthusiastic way. On this occasion, BGMI has come with a 1.9 update in which they have introduced various Holi features.

  • Theme Mode : Holi Dhamaka
  • Holi Dhamaka : Sky Island
  • Holi Dhamaka : Vibrant Plaza/Camp
  • Holi Dhamaka : Bicycle
  • New : Playground update
  • Playground Improvement : Shooting Range
  • Classic Update : Erangel Improvement
  • Classic Update : Random Matching
  • Classic Update : Arena Mode Audio Improvement
  • Classic Update : Livik: Aftermath Improvement

BGMI 1.9 Update Features

After updating your game to this new update you will get various features in BGMI. We are sharing some of the features below.

  • New Design Scope
  • New Outfits
  • TAEGO Map
  • Paramo Map
  • New Gun SKins
  • WindShield for Car
  • AS-VAL Gun (5.56mm)
  • Speedometer in Car
  • K2 Assault Rifle (AR) Gun
  • Ferry in Erangel
  • Hide and Seek Mode
  • Light and Shadow Adventure Mode (New park in Prison)
  • Blue Zone
  • Hyundai Pony Coupe Car
  • Piggyback (Carry) Feature
  • Emergency Pickup
  • C1S3 – Royale Pass M5 & M6
  • New Bride 2.0
  • Staff as Melee
  • Flying Cloud
  • Little Moon in Sky
  • Tank in Airdrop
  • New Bike and Laser Gun with Drive-By


When will BGMI 1.9 Update be released?

There is no official date that has been announced on which this update will going to be released.

How to download BGMI APK File 1.9 update?

You can download this BGMI 1.9 Update apk file from easily.

Who developed BGMI?

Krafton is the developer of BGMI.

BGMI Official WebsiteClick Here
Infokerala Official WebsiteClick Here
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